First Impressions Matter

On social media, your website's thumbnail is 3x larger than the title and description. The better your thumbnails look, the more traffic you receive.

Thumblink automatically creates thumbnails from your website that look great on all social media platforms.
Thumblink gives potential visitors a taste of your website before they decide to visit.

Thumblink gives potential visitors a taste of your website before they decide to visit.

Simple Installation

Add Thumblink to your website with a single line of HTML. Thumblink works using the Open Graph "og:image" meta tag.

WordPress users can use our free WordPress plugin instead.

Sign up for a free account and add your domain to get started.
content="${Your Page URL}" />

Just set the "?url=" property to each page's URL.

Easy Setup

By default, the top of your page will be captured for the Thumblink, after ads and sticky elements are removed.

You can capture a specific HTML element in your Thumblink by specifying an element or text fragment* in the URL.

If you already customize your link thumbnail for each page, Thumblink may not help you. But if you have pages with no images or incorrectly sized images, Thumblink makes your links look better and drives more traffic to your website.


Increase your website traffic

Link previews are the most valuable content for encouraging people to visit your website. On sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin, your link thumbnail is 3x larger than your text preview!

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100 Thumblinks
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I generate a Thumblink?

The first time someone shares your page (after our HTML snippet is added), the Thumblink will be created and shown. If you use a base template for your pages, add it there to avoid manually adding it to each page.

How long does a Thumblink take to generate?

Usually within 10 seconds of the initial request, but this may change based on the level of traffic. After generation, the Thumblink is saved and cached for subsequent requests.

What happens if Thumblink generation fails?

Failures can happen if there are issues with our servers loading your website. The failed Thumblink will be retried the next time it is requested.

Do Thumblinks expire?

Thumblinks do not expire, but you can always delete or regenerate them.

Can I regenerate a Thumblink?

Yes, you can do this from the Thumblink Account UI.

I don't know HTML, can I still use Thumblink?

For WordPress users, we offer a plugin that makes installation easy. In any case, we will personally set up Thumblink with your website if you need help.